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Memolux Memolux

Rated 2 / 5 stars


the only problem is no sound :( It would be easier to remember if it had different sounds for the different colors. It's almost like the real thing ;)

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Old Pong Old Pong

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Fun, but there are some gitches...

the glitches include: being able to go off the screen. and Every time you press spacebar (whether or not it's the beggining of the game) the ball flies toward you. if you do it enough you can the the ball and both players off the screen.

There was no sound :( Pong had sounds. If it is "old pong" then shouldn't it be like the first one?
The graphics, as you said, are crappy. But Since it's old pong I'll let it slide :)

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Dragonball Hightime Dragonball Hightime

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Fun....But I wish it were more functional...

Sound- The sound was fine. Nothing to fancy, and nothing that hurt my ears. :)
Graphics- Could use more work. Looks like garbage! the characters don't even touch the floor.
Gameplay- Decent but some attacks did not work correctly. The blast upwards went only a few pixels. And the Twirling the power pole didn't damage the biggest enemies. Placing enemies/coins 1 after the other in a big row makes the game easy and boring. The nimbus clouds don't work (I know you told me) but it would be an awesome feature! However, I like the energy and lives system.

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darth-midgetis responds:

I Can fix some of the graphical errors like the not touch the floor easily. Because this is the first level I won't make the enemies etc too hard to beat just yet.

And regarding the Nimbus clouds, it's not that they don't work just that they don't work yet. Before I make a new level I intend to try and fix all the problems.